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Welcome to our Who's who page. Here you'll find information and contact details on key people in the parish in case you need to be in touch with us.

Hi everyone. I'm the Ven. Tim Mora and the Vicar of the Parish of Cobden-Runanga. My wife Nicky and I came to the parish in March 2006 with our three children Rebekah, Amy and Timothy. We love the place and the people and really feel God has good things in store for us. My contact details are as follows.
Ven. Tim Mora
186 Main South Rd,
Greymouth 7805
Phone: 768 9605
Mobile: 027 204 8560
Email: timmora@xtra.co.nz

Gidday everyone, our names are Sue and Jon Hagenaar and we have one of the hardest jobs in the parish. Our job is Vicar's Warden and we have to make sure our Priest takes care of himself and doesn't work too hard. It's not an easy job with the current vicar but we're getting there. Fortunately he is a well organised fellow with his smartphone. You can contact us using the info below.

Jon Hagenaar
Phone: 03-768 5366
Mobile: 027 854 8874
Email: jchagenaar@yahoo.com
Sue Hagenaar
Phone: 03-768 5366
Mobile: 027 854 8874
Email: suehagenaar@gmail.com

Vicars Wardens

Peoples Warden Our job is a little easier than Jon and Sue's. The People's Warden is there for the people of the parish, to help ensure things are running smoothly and that people's voices are being heard if needed. Fortunately we have such a smoothly running parish that our job is not a tough one. You can get in touch with us through the details below.

Henk and Pauline Stengs
Phone: 03 768 7741
Mobile: 027 390 3891 (Pauline)
Mobile: 027)885 8012 (Henk)
Email: stengs.nz@gmail.com

Vestry Hi from all of us. We're the vestry of the Parish of Cobden-Runanga and together with the wardens and vicar we provide leadership, guidance and direction to the parish as we work together to bring about God's kingdom in our communities.